Working without wires is becoming an increasing part of how we can operate more efficiently. Why have a conference room where every device has to be connected with a cable? Freedom without wires.

Our extensive knowledge of Wi-Fi has enabled us to form alliances with companies such as Meraki and Cisco to create solutions perfect for any situation. We have installed Wi-Fi systems in places where public access needs to be monitored, businesses where stability is key and private residences in excess of 10,000 sq. ft where the most subtle solution possible is required.

Meraki Systems allow us to harness the vast expanse of marketing potential within Facebook and connect these to Public Wi-Fi Systems. This delivers a system that enables you to gather invaluable statistics using modern methods and use these within your business to better service your customers and clients.

Please contact us on any Wi-Fi systems. We provide a free on-site survey and aim to deliver the best balance between cost and coverage.