Data is one of the most important parts of your company. It is the one thing you want to make sure you never lose. While things like applications and operating systems can be reinstalled or bought back, data cannot be restored. So, how do you ensure that you never lose the important data that makes up the backbone of your company? The answer is simple: online backup, or more commonly known as the cloud. Here are some reasons why online backup is vital to your company’s success.


The convenience of online backup is undeniable. While there are other ways to back up your data, such as through an external drive or a flash drive, those require manual and physical handling. They also require you to keep track of a physical device, unlike online backup where you can just log in. Online backup can be accessed from anywhere; as long as there is an internet connection, you can access any of your data. Whenever you make a change or an update to your data, it automatically saves all your changes and others can see them right away.


If your data is backed up on a physical device, you have to worry about fire, floods, and theft. However, if you back up your data to the cloud, you will not face any of these threats. Data in the cloud has more security than a physical device, as it is stored on secure and encrypted servers and systems. However, though your data is encrypted in the cloud, it is still suggested that you buy additional security to ensure your data is safe.

Easy Recovery

If you ever delete or lose data, you can easily recover the data if you’ve already uploaded it to the cloud. Online backup duplicates files, so you can easily recover your lost or deleted data. Additionally, if one location is ever compromised there are additional locations that recovery can take place.

Easy Access

Since online backup does not leave your data in only one location, you and your employees can access the data from virtually anywhere. As long as you have internet access and can remote into the server, you can see any data needed.


Cloud-based backup can actually be cheaper than a physical device, even when you add in the cost for IT labor to manage and troubleshoot backup systems.

Selecting Online Backup

Online backup has many benefits. When deciding to switch to online backup, you should know what your needs are. Once you have determined the size you need, can contact Mas Networks and we can help you back up all your data to the cloud. For more information and pricing, contact us today!