While not all companies supply mobile phones for their employees, it is becoming a more common business practice. There are many reasons why successful companies are opting to give their employees company phones. Here are some things to consider as you decide if you should provide mobile phones for your staff.

Customer Service

In the age of the internet, customers and clients expect quick responses. Company mobile phones allow your employees to go about their days without concern for being out of the office when an important call or email comes in. Business mobiles are an opportunity to build a reputation of being responsive, attentive, and accessible to your customers and their needs.


Businesses often require their staff to scatter in many different directions. When that happens, it’s easy for the lines of communication to get crossed. Business mobile phones allow your employees to stay in touch with the office, each other, and other essential members of your team. Regular communication can eliminate mistakes and misunderstandings, which in turn saves your company time and money.


All sorts of businesses require travel. A phone designated for business allows a traveling employee to stay in communication regardless of location. Access to data, text messaging, email, and document sharing while on the road increases productivity and minimizes downsides of employees being out of the office.


When an employee directs all business through a company mobile, the phone contains all the necessary information and contacts. If the employee then leaves your company, that pertinent data is easily managed and passed on. Any business conducted on a personal mobile device is not easily retrievable. Without business mobile phones, your company is at risk of losing contacts, records, or past communication. 

Tech Support and Repair

If you are relying on your employees’ personal phones for business, what is your plan if one of the phones has technical problems or gets lost? When your company puts mobile phones in the hands of your staff, you can also ensure that they have up-to-date software, regular updates, and the tech support they need to be effective in their work.

It’s easy to think of company mobile phones as a luxury. This is especially true when your employees have their own mobiles they could use for work. After consideration, you may find that the benefits of company phones far outweigh the cost and initial effort they require. When you are ready to add mobile phones to your company, contact us at MAS Networks and we will provide you the perfect plan for your needs.