Protecting your data has never been more important.  As a business owner, the data you collect consists of operating systems, finances, marketing and more. You use data to make essential decisions and keep your business growing.  Backing up your data protects it and keeps it easily accessible, so it’s important to choose the right backup system for your business. Keep reading to find out which backup system is best for your company.

What’s Your Business Model?

Every business is different even when they sell similar products or services. Two coffee shops in the same city will have different data needs depending on how they run their business. A large chain coffee shop will not have the same data storage requirements as a local bakery.

Does having data easily accessible without the worry and cost of equipment matter most? Does having physical control of your data ease your mind? Considering your business needs will help determine your backup choice.

Online Backup

Online backup options offer many advantages for protecting your business’s data. For many, fast data accessibility is a determining factor when choosing a backup system. Cloud storage allows you to access your data from multiple devices at any time. As your business grows, you can add or upgrade your storage needs with no downtime.

Storing data in the cloud also keeps it safe from any physical disasters like fire, flood, theft and unforeseen weather. Recovery of data after an outage is almost immediate. In addition, the cost of online backup is significantly lower because there is no hardware to maintain, update or store.

Onsite Backup

If control of access is your number one concern, then onsite backup may be the right choice. Once your data is disconnected, it remains safely stored on external hard drives that are only accessible to you. Onsite backup may also be slightly faster than online options because there is a plug-and-play factor.  You can connect your external hard drive immediately and access information without waiting to log in.

What Type of Backup Should My Company Get?

For larger corporations that house highly sensitive information, an onsite backup may be the best choice.  However, many companies take a hybrid approach with a physical data backup center supplemented by online backup capabilities. This gives them control of access while also enjoying the advantages of online storage.

For most small businesses, online backup is the best choice.  Your data is at your fingertips from any location and safely stored online. It is cost effective and runs without the time investment of maintaining equipment. Online backup allows small business owners to utilize data easily while focusing on taking their business to the next level.

Whatever option you choose, MAS Networks can assist you in safely storing and backing up your data. Contact us today!